Which changes should private investors take into account in 2018? | The Borrowers


Now that 2018 has started and the New Year letters have been put away again, we are considering the changes that you as a private investor must take into account in the new year.

More than 500,000 euros in your trading account? 0.15% tax


The summer agreement introduces a securities tax of 0.15% off all securities accounts with more than 500,000 euros from this year. The government wants to raise 254 million with this.

Specifically: those who have 499,999 euros pay nothing. If you have more than 500,000 euros, you pay 0.15 percent of the full amount, not just the amount above 500,000. The tax only applies to private investors, not to companies with securities accounts.

The total sum includes listed and unlisted shares or bonds, savings certificates, investment funds and warrants. Banks will have to determine the value of the account on a monthly basis and investors will pay tax on the average value on an annual basis. Good to know: pension savings funds and branch 23 are examples, as are registered shares and cooperative shares.

For capitalization funds

For capitalization funds

The threshold is raised from 25% to 10% for investment in bonds. This means that 30% withholding tax will be due on the capital gains of funds that invest more than 10% in debt securities.

There will also be a standardization for common funds or funds for funds. In the future, they will also be subject to withholding tax.

The summer agreement introduces a securities tax of 0.15% off all securities accounts with more than 500,000 euros from this year.

Higher stock market tax

Higher stock market tax

Every time you sell or buy shares and bonds, you will pay a higher tax on that from 2018:

  • shares: 0.35% (was 0.27% – ceiling of 1600 euros)
  • bonds: 0.12% (was 0.09% – ceiling of 1300 euros)

For capitalization funds nothing changes: here the rate remains 1.32% with a maximum of 4000 euros.

New rules savings account

The interest on a savings account is no longer up to 1880 euros, but up to 960 euros. This benefit applies per person – for a joint account, the upper limit is therefore 1920 euros. Everything above is subject to a withholding tax of 15%. This amount is withheld by your bank.

Maximum amount for pension savers

Maximum amount for pension savers

Keep in mind that for amounts between 960 and 1230 euros you do not enjoy a tax benefit of 30%, but 25%. This applies to the full sum. The percentage is therefore calculated on the full amount, not just on the amount above 960 euros. In practice, this means that with 960 euros you get a reduction of 288 euros, and with a deposit of 1100 euros, for example, only 275 euros. So make the calculation when determining your maximum amount.


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