Credit for horse – really in 3 days on the account.

Not only little girls love horses, even adults fulfill a long-cherished wish with the acquisition of a horse. Often the purchase is only possible with the help of a loan for horses.

Because the four-legged friends are very expensive and bring in addition to the cost of the pure acquisition also various additional costs.

Horses are an expensive pleasure

Horses are an expensive pleasure

“The highest happiness of the earth lies on the back of the horses.” A popular saying, when the love for a horse and equestrian sport is to be described.

Horses are considered majestic animals. They have a very special charisma, appear noble and are very loyal.

Due to their size, however, they are also quite expensive to maintain. In addition, you can not just keep them in the apartment, such as a dog or a cat.

If you want to get a horse, you have to be able to afford it. For children, horse sponsorships are often taken.

The children share a horse with other children, so the costs are not that high. However, if you want to buy your own horse, good financing must be provided.

At the same time, credit for horses should not only be thought of as a mere acquisition value.

How much is a horse?

How much is a horse?

Depending on what type of horse you want, the costs can vary quite a bit. A foal without special papers is already available from 500 USD.

However, if it is a sport horse, with which tournaments are to be played, 20,000 USD and more are not uncommon. The most expensive horse in the world has cost 64 million dollars.

A lot of money, which is only taken in hand, if it is a really valuable animal. But the cost of the purchase is not the only cost that may be covered by the horse loan.

In addition there are costs for the transport, the stable, the food, the vet, the insurance and much more. Therefore, it should be calculated very precisely before borrowing, how much money is really needed.

In fact, additional items can not easily be contested in parallel.

Credit for horse – the admission

Credit for horse - the admission

A loan for a horse should only be taken as earmarked loan if the horse has a certain “value” as a sport horse. Pure grazing horses or riding horses without meaningful papers are no guarantee for the banks.

In such animals, it is advisable to use a simple installment loan to get the desired loan amount. With the help of our loan calculator it can be seen which offers are currently available on the credit market.

It is recommended to compare different offers. Not only the effective interest rate and the maturity are interesting.

Also the conditions for the repayment should be considered exactly. A horse does not make a profit. At least not if it is not a tournament horse, where premiums can be expected.

Therefore, the loan flows into an acquisition, which has to be paid on the side. The credit rates should therefore not be overstated and optimally fit the life of the borrower.

On top of that, it would be important to be able to make special repayments and a premature repayment of the loan for horses.

The requirements for borrowing

The requirements for borrowing

Even if the desire for a horse is very strong – it can only be pursued if the borrower has a decent credit rating. There’s no point in taking out the loan without insurance.

Then the horse may have to be repelled faster than the owner is right. Therefore, a good basis for borrowing should always be created so that animal enjoyment can last for a long time.

A good basis is given if there is a positive Credit bureau and a fixed and high income. In addition, the animal should be insured. In addition to animal liability insurance is always worth a health insurance in order to optimally absorb high veterinary costs.


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