Credit despite return debit – that’s easy

Credit despite return debit is not impossible. Whoever lives on the financial limit, does not have to be just a juggler of his own finances.

He also has to live with the fact that there is a return debit here and there. Namely, if the own account balance was not exactly observed and it came to purchases, for which no financial means are available.

Dispolimit and card payment – play with the fire

Dispolimit and card payment - play with the fire

Due to the increased use of credit card and credit card, we are losing more and more of the overview of our expenses. Added to this are the direct debit procedures for rent, telephone and insurance, to which we have agreed.

If you do not pay attention here and constantly check your account balance, you can quickly run into financial difficulties. Because the money is usually spent faster than it was earned in advance.

If a loan is to be taken, it is important that the bank statements are free from financial overlaps. Return debits should not be found on it as far as possible.

But what to do if exactly these are available? Despite all this, is there a loan despite a return debit note?

A return debit note is acceptable

A return debit note is acceptable

Return debit memos exist again and again. They are annoying and usually cost a lot of money. Therefore everyone tries to avoid them.

Credit despite return debit – that’s easy

But once they open, it must be seen that the debt is settled quickly, so that no major problem can develop from it. If this succeeds and this is also recognizable on the account statements, the small faux pas in the acceptance of a loan despite return debit should not play a major role.

Especially not when very often paid by card and therefore the overview is lost quickly. However, it is important that for a loan despite return debit no permanent return debit notes are to be seen on the account statements.

Anyone who has problems with the money will probably not have too good a chance on the loan. In any case, not when the account statements for borrowing must be submitted.

To bypass the control

To bypass the control

As a potential borrower, you can choose for the loan despite chargeback offers in which no account statements must be presented. This is often the case with consumer loans, for example.

As a rule, traders have little interest in following the payment history in the borrower’s account. They are more interested in the revenue and Credit bureau.

In addition, the submission of bank statements can be circumvented if other offers can be made for regular offers for a loan despite return debit. Since income is always the most interesting, income certificates could be submitted.

Expenditure could be provided by means of a rental certificate and documents on various other contracts.

Credit despite return debit – not at the house bank

Credit despite return debit - not at the house bank

Whoever has problems with chargebacks should not accept the loan despite a chargeback at the house bank. She has a clear view of the checking account and therefore knows exactly what it looks like.

The chargebacks could be negative and prevent or at least increase the cost of borrowing. It is better to take the loan despite a return debit from an independent bank.

This approach is biased on the valuation of the loan application and will therefore probably make a better offer. It is also worthwhile to carry out a comparison with the help of a comparison computer before borrowing.

It shows the best credit offers that can be conveniently accessed directly online. This eliminates the long search and the loan despite return debit can be quickly put into action.


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